Happy Thursday....

I hope everyone is enjoying the short work week.....tomorrow is already Friday!! 

I had a very interesting conversation with Em last night about paint color. What are our customers looking for? I couldn't believe the hub bub the coral bedside table caused. I associate that color(coral) with beachy or the dreaded southwest....can it be we have grown tired of whites and grays?   I wonder....are you ready for color or is your palette still white on white?

That brings me to this mornings pic and the new FB banner. I was rained on by the Gods of Good Fortune last Friday and found 30+pieces of hand painted Italian dishes @1950-60. The colors are wonderful teals, blues, yellows, pinky reds on white. I currently have the pieces setting on the teal legged farm table and it sends oohs and aahs through the shop several times a day. Awhile back I would have walked away from these knowing that only ironstone is gracing the tables of those hip as zips. But, this whole new attraction to color made me say yes to the mess of it. I wouldn't call my findings scientific....but I think we want some color in our lives again....thoughts anyone? I didn't bring the breakdown of all the pieces home with me but I would like to sell this as a set first and if you beg I may separate....we will see. Enjoy!!



My old laptop may have gone to cyber heaven yesterday...the computer doctor has not given me the final diagnosis as to whether we just need to pull the plug and let her go or if she may be able to be brought back for a few more bytes. The reason I mention this is that I had purchased a new laptop a few weeks back in anticipation of my old friend retiring, but learning the new Windows and transferring data etc. seemed so boring and time consuming. After all, I have furniture to find and a shop to design and style and devoted FB fans to attend to and I do sleep occasionally...so you can probably guess where this post is heading. Last night I was forced to spend the evening trying to get the basics down on the new system. I am proud to say I was able to get some photos out of the camera and into the pictures folder so I could this morning send out our newest arrival. I am starting to appreciate the new girl friday and all she can do to make my life a little better. Change is hard...but I think this is going to be a great partnership. Please bear with me the next few days as I plow through this learning curve....wish me luck!!

This morning I am showing off the second new bench as promised. Luv this pale blue and the simplicity of the piece. It is extra wide at 13 1/2" is 19"H by 6'L. Enjoy!!
6' Light Blue Bench.JPG


Hope everyone is sitting on their porch or patio with a cup of coffee looking through your favorite magazine for inspiration. I am seeing lots of color..especially red and shades of green. These are not timid either, they are bold in your face colors....luv it.

This morning I am showing off a beautiful three drawer chest....I believe it might be cherry or walnut. The pulls are original to the piece which has the greatest patina. Of course, I am staying true to the garden this week so I have used two rusty iron trellises for bringing some height to the eye behind the chest. A great still life is resting on the top and I have accented the dresser with a green antique wine bottles, clear French Luminarc wine goblets, wine corks in a sweet table top iron bird feeder, and new snazzy wine corkers. Nice vignette that could be recreated in your space. Enjoy!!

Cherry Three Drawer Chest.jpg


Be Not Afraid!!

The decisions we make when decorating our homes can seem to be monumental. I hear this over and over..."I just don't want to make a mistake!!" In design there isn't a person out there who hasn't made a mistake or two or three. The best of the best get it wrong sometimes....and we learn from mistakes right?

Then you have those who throw caution to the wind and go for what they like (that's me by the way). No one is going to take our first born or send us away to be punished because a color wasn't perfect or the size of the chair we just bought is a tad big for the space. I usually find a place for whatever I bring home if I luv it enough....even if it wasn't what I initially intended. I used to be hung up on making it perfect the first time through, but what fun is that...typically the mistake I learn from brings me to the perfect piece soon enough.

So....why am I waxing poetic about all this today you ask? 
A couple walked in yesterday and bought the piece featured today and another piece even though it wasn't at all what they thought they wanted. Sometimes color can trip an idea that we build on...and that was the case with this adorable coral side table. I believe we are all influenced by trends...but in the end if we stick with what WE like we will be happy happy happy. I don't normally post pieces that have already SOLD...but this one was so cute I wanted to see if it tripped an idea or two for you. Be not afraid.....Enjoy!!

Salmon Side Table.jpg


Hi...Good Morning...

Hope everyone savoured their long holiday weekend. 
My sweet John covered for me yesterday at the shop so I could do laundry, thoroughly clean the kitchen, clean out the vacuum, pay bills...you get the picture. Funny how one day just isn't enough time to take care of everything anymore! As I age, I am more forgiving of the few dust bunnies and piles of sewing projects. Am I wiser or just less fanatical? Let's go with wiser...

I have two new benches to show off. The one I'm featuring today is shorter so it can do double duty as a coffee table in the right setting. It would also be great at the end of a bed. I have paired it with the wicker sofa and it works wonderfully. It is 4'8"L x 11"D x 18"H. Enjoy!!

Marine Blue Bench.jpg


I am proud to have had many uncles and a dear father-in-law that served in WWII and Korea. Most recently a niece that has served one tour in Bagdad and two in Afghanistan. I hope everyone that has a family member who has served in any of our wars takes the time to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice many of these soldiers have made and to stand proud of their keeping us free.

It is rainy in the north bay this morning but I believe it will clear up in time for BBQ festivities. John is heading to the shop to "open" from 11-3 so come on by if you can. I will see you tomorrow. Have a safe holiday....Enjoy!

Memorial Day Pic.jpg